Bernie Stone is reinventing classic American drum making for the 21st Century.

Hand Crafted

Every Stone Custom Drum is built by Bernie Stone in his manufacturing facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana USA. Bernie has 35 plus years experience in the musical instrument industry working with several well known companies and high profile clients that include “The Professor”, Neil Peart (RIP).

Tone Deluxe.

Stone Custom Drum specializes in classic “American Style” drums built with exceptional craftsmanship for superior resonance. No other drum delivers the distinctive Stone Tone®.  

Slingerland Heritage

Only Bernie Stone uses the original Slingerland radio-frequency shell molds and tooling. Stone Custom Drum has built its global reputation with the legendary “Chicago” 3-ply drums, “Niles” 5-ply drums, and “Super America” 9-ply drums.

American Classics for a New Era

Stone Custom Drum is also an OEM supplier to several other brands, offers product development and prototyping services, and facilitates production runs for other companies.

“My new Stone Custom drums sound as good as they look! I am thrilled. Thanks Bernie and crew!”
Chuck Mauk