SCD kit for Darin Soll

A blogger in the percussion world, Darin Soll who runs Drum Nuts & Bolts, an internet blog, in Darin's words "Like it or not, all drummers play the role of "drum tech" at times. Drum Nuts (& Bolts) is a blog focused on the technical side of drumming. Topics of discussion include evaluating, selecting, and setting up gear, advice on drum kit configurations, and tips on head selection and tuning."

Darin was so taken with our drums he wrote a blog post on purchasing a kit. Stone Custom Drums on Darin Soll's Drum Nuts & Blots Blog

SCD completed the build of my new custom drum kit in about one month. They texted photos to me as the build progressed, and emailed me with a few questions about some of the finer details as they came up. The walnut burst finish turned out beautifully, so when the first photos of the finished shells arrived, the waiting became MUCH more difficult!