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The 2014 NAMM Snare Drums Are For Sale

Springtime Special from SCD

We have a few amazing pieces that are here and ready for your collection. Low serial numbers will ensure a higher value among collectors so pick up an amazing sounding drum that was born to be a classic.

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Oldschool Meets New Cool.

In 2003 Stone Custom Drum Company purchased the original SlingerlandĀ® drum Company tools, dies and molds and over time, refurbished every single element and piece of the equipment to 21st century standards.

Stone Custom Drum Co. makes complete snare drums, toms, bass drums and drum kits using methods that have been passed down by those who actually worked on the SlingerlandĀ® shop floor "back in the day".

Guys You'd Wanna Hang Out With.

Stone Custom Drums are built by down-home folks that you'd want to hang out and talk drums with. Our team takes great pride in the work that Stone Custom Drum produces and we represent what "American Made" ought to be. Problem? We'll make it right. Praise? We love that too!

Your Father's Drums 2.0

Start with the shells that are created on the original SlingerlandĀ® molds, add the expertise of Bernie Stone and his team of skilled drum builders. For good measure add in some exotic hardwoods and the end result will be something that your dad will be sneaking out of the house for a gig when you're not looking.

Meet Bernie Stone

Bernie Stone is one of the "Unsung Heroes" of the music business. His long and storied history in the world of drumming grants him a seat at the table of the great Drumsmiths of our time. He is recognized for his contributions to modern music as not only a drum technician and friend to many of the drum world's luminaries but also as an accomplished working drummer in his band "The Bulldogs". Click this slide to read up on Bernie a little more. Get to know him, because he may very well be building a new kit for you.

Exotic Hardwoods

So many ply configurations, so little time. Our "stock" shell is a three ply Maple/Poplar (MPM) construction, with or without reinforcement rings. We also build drums with the following woods:

Koa • Cherry • Walnut • Sapele • Rosewood • Bubinga • Lacewood •

And much more to come! If you have a request, ask!

Pictured: 6"x14" Walnut shell

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