Excellence Is My Art

One of the great thrills of my early career was customizing a drumkit for Neil Peart.

So when the opportunity to own the shell-shaping molds and tools of one of the legendary vintage American drum brands arose, I invested my money - and my life - into bringing them up to 21st century standards and crafting Super Resonating® shells that surround punchy tom strokes with full, fat tone, make bass drums kick with big and round low end responses, and snares cut with a crisp articulate 'snap' that sings with resonance. Ply by ply, these drums move some serious air.

Our Super Resonating® shells deliver tons of tone. Players call it Stone Tone®.

I've studied the wood-sound relationship that made Rennaissance-era violins so resonant and tuneful. With that knowledge I personally select all our drum woods at the lumberyard, then my team and I cut, form, fabricate and finish the shells before adding whatever hardware the order specifies. We have total control over every aspect, from start to finish. Our target is tone... perfect tone.

People say these are the best sounding drums.

I see them as a portrait of the history of great American drum making... these classic vintage drums and sounds curated with care but improved in every possible way. We've evolved 20th century techniques into 21st century tone.

Customer Quotes

Hi Bernie,

I heard about your drums on DrumForum.org.

I've owned a 5pc Slingerland kit from the early 70s since 1982 - they have a copper wrap and I believe were called "Concorde". They are still in very good shape. Anyway, I recently got back into drumming and last year purchased a Tama Superstar Classic 7-pc kit that I've been very happy with.

That said, I'm really pleased to see a new, AMERICAN drum company offering high quality drums for a reasonable price. Your story is great. I hope that your business is going well and grows nicely. I would love to look at one in the future.

Keep up the good work.

Dave S. - Virginia, USA

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